'Atlantic Blue' by Gospel Gossip

I haven’t heard from Minneapolis indie-rock trio Gospel Gossip since 2009’s electrifying "Sippy Cup", though I’ve often thought about that track. Seamlessly invoking the stirring, anthem-rock ballast of artists like The Replacements, The Church and Springsteen, the song always seemed bigger than the mere three minutes that contained it, with singer Sarah Nienaber’s impassioned rasp memorably buckling at various points in the mix under the sheer weight of what she was carrying.

And so I awaited their inevitable, promise-fulfilling follow up, dreaming of the stadium-sized catharsis that was sure to come. Cut to three years later and the only thing we’ve seen from them since has been a sole demo, which came out almost a year ago to this month.

Thankfully, their new Atlantic Blue 7″ sees the band returning to the fold in a hugely satisfying, if not entirely expected way. Instead, the three-track release reveals Gospel Gossip as a matured, mellower entity, coloured by painful memories and a yearnful nostalgia. The achingly beautiful title track is a testament to this weathered sentimentality, Nienaber’s rough-hewn tone now the weary embodiment of a life that’s spent the last three years adrift at sea.

(via The Styrofoam Drone)

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