To Build a Home | The Bridges of Madison County

Openers don’t get much better than this.

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God Bless the Child | Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill

Audra’s Billie Holiday is kind of unbelievable?

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Werner Herzog on “The Day I Became an Artist”

Herzog on his first cinematic experience (it was bad), stealing his first camera, and the values of walking the borders of Albania. 7 minutes.

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"What’s been your greatest failure?""I recently did a dance piece on that, actually. It featured 200 point shoes, puppetry, and a 13-foot tall tutu."

Babe level: unbearable.


"What’s been your greatest failure?"
"I recently did a dance piece on that, actually. It featured 200 point shoes, puppetry, and a 13-foot tall tutu."

Babe level: unbearable.

'Whenever' by Hotlane

'All Out' by Anna Lunoe

Orson Welles on Editing

Christopher Walken, William Shatner, Jeff Goldblum, these thesps of stage and screen are often regarded for their unique and meandering speech patter—but Welles, he will always be on another level, as evidenced by this brief clip from the 1952 documentary Filming Othello, which shows the lumbering, bearded figure at the helm of his Moviola editing suite, and I really can’t tell if he’s talking in paragraphs or just one, long, elongated sentence, such a thing of beauty it is, the unexpected iambic stresses, the bustle and bluster of his words that never seem to settle.

On the process of editing, he says, "there’s a rhythmic structuring to that, there’s counterpoint, harmony and dissonance." It’s a musicality he knows by tongue.

(Yes I tried writing this in Wellesian meter; please read accordingly.)

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Broncho - “Class Historian”

I kind of wish this was in a language I didn’t understand. I mean, I’m sure the lyrics are fine, but it has such a ridiculously catchy chorus (also intro, or can it be a chorus without lyrics? whatever) that it’d be perfect if you could just make it up as you go for the rest too. “Class Historian” is from their Just Enough Hip To Be Woman album out September 16 on Dine Alone Records.

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That chorus is pretty fabulous.

Well this is going to be stuck in my head for forever.

These aren’t from Malá morská víla, but rather the Russian/Bulgarian adaptation of The Little Mermaid, Rusalochka, which was released in the same year. I guess 1976 is to seapunk what 1977 was to regular punk.

The film isn’t as artful as Malá morská víla, but it’s still a gorgeous testament to Soviet fairytale cinema.


The Great Beauty (2013)

Jep’s awakening has its moments of violence and melancholy. Death hangs over The Great Beauty, from the statue of Garibaldi inscribed with the words ‘Roma o Morte’ (‘Rome or Death’) to the funeral where Jep tearfully hoists a coffin. Mostly, though, there is beauty reborn as Mr. Sorrentino’s cameras fly through Rome, knocking the dust off the city’s monuments and Jep alike. At one point, during one of his nightly salons, Jep casually tells his friends that ‘the best people in Rome are the tourists.’ It sounds like a glib aside. Yet as he emerges from the long wandering that has defined him—a drift that Mr. Sorrentino suggests that has been shared by one and all—Jep opens up to awe, affirming what all visitors know: we are only passing through, so we had better make the most of our visit.

Manohla Dargis

This was one of the best written reviews of last year.

'High Tide (Oliver Nelson & Tobtok Remix)’ by Lemaitre

I slept little, read a lot, and fell in love frequently.
Charles Simic, on first moving to New York (via theparisreview)
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